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Subliminal Code

"Soldier Of Hell, Reborn"


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Release: 2016
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Subliminal Code - Soldier Of Hell, Reborn CD

Soldier Of Hell was a debut material, released on Engraved Ritual back in 2011 by Venezuela based „guitar meets electro” aggrotech band SUBLIMINAL CODE.

After the success of the followed in 2014 „Karma In Mortem” album the band decided to re-arrange and remaster their first material, giving to it fresh breath and new sound.
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1.Muerto En Vida V2
2.Sin Of Pleasure V2
3.Lost In Loneliness V2
4.Soldier Of Hell V2
5.Muerto En Vida V2 (Remix By Homicidal Feelings)
6.Sin Of Pleasure V2 (Benjamin`s Plague Remix)
7.Lost In Loneliness V2 (Viscera Drip Remix)
8.Soldier Of Hell V2 (Cold Therapy Remix)
9.Sin Of Pleasure V2 (Remix By Devilsight)
10.Lost In Loneliness V2 (Mulphia Remix)
11.Muerto En Vida (Satanic Remix And Feat. By Reactor7X)
12.Sin Of Pleasure (Touched By Stahlnebel & Black Selket)
13.Soldier Of Hell V2 (Remix And Feat By Proyecto Crisis)
14.Soldier Of Hell V2 (Remix And Feat By Adeonesis)