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"White Invasion"



Release: 2015
Status: Sold out
Suono - White Invasion CD

SUONO are back delivering hard beats, epic sounds and finest electro, paired with thrilling shouts.The new longplayer "WHITE INVASION" is a mix of many electronic influences, that are as varied as the two musicians' characters.Whoever is looking for the ultimate electro kick, is right at SUONO and can get ready to be taken away by a wave of party mood.

No matter if at an energizing live show or on CD:

SUONO created musical fireworks that reflect fun and the good mood of Ron and Bela to fascinate everyone.Become part of a stunning journey to the electronic world of SUONO!
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InfraRot item number:9946.186
Label:Future Fame
1.The Revelation
2.Ancient Rites
3.Primeval Tribe
4.Days Like These
6.Schwarz Bewegt (Featuring Seelennacht)
9.Fade Away
10.The Extinction
11.Skit 1
13.Skit 2
14.Ancient Rites (Instrumental)
15.Days Like These (Instrumental)
16.Schwarz Bewegt (Instrumental)