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Release: 2012
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Supersimmetria - Chimaera CD

Past, present, future and the vast of space are melting together in whirling atmospheric pulsations. Supersimmetria, translated from Italian as Supersymmetry, is a music project crossover of different electronic styles.

Stunning and elaborate ritual frequencies will absorb your soul in a blast of a supernova. The powerful gravitational force of tracks like 'Asymmetry' or 'Relativistic jets' pull you into a multidimensional space where everything you take for granted, disappears. The deep atmospheres, claustrophobic and obsessive yet sometimes open and breezy, will hold your hand through a cold solitary path between the energy of strings.
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InfraRot item number:2011.251
Label:Zone 30
1.Distant World End Transmission
2.Burst Of Fe C 0,6%
3.Time Dilation
5.Onyric (Feat. Yura Yura)
7.Relativistic Jets
8.Cryogenic Pump
10.Fourth Dimension
11.Event Horizon
12.Burst Of Fe C 0,6% (Lemoderniste Rustedbrain Rmx)
13.Time Dilation (100blumen Rmx)