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Release: 2015
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Supersimmetria - Kosmogonie CD

Supersimmetria, the project of Berlin-based German-Italian sound artist Armando Alibrandi, has already raised some eyebrows with his previous two releases operating in the realm of dark electronica and IDM. Now on HANDS, he presents a pleasantly homogenous album, revolving around the origin of the universe, and bringing together immersive, pulsating, soundtrack-like and dubby space atmospheres and downtempo technoid and club-friendly beats, concluded with a Geistform remix that emphasizes the grittier, distorted aspects of sound. “Kosmogonie” is highly enjoyable 78-minute mission that any serious electronic music lover should happily embark on. With his first for HANDS, Supersimmetria follows somewhat of a tradition of space-themed albums on the label, the most recent examples having been provided by SaturmZlide and Syntech. On “Kosmogonie”, one finds the most outright, almost-soundtrack-like interpretation of the topic, a combination of bleeps, spherical segments and otherworldly sounds. And then there’s of course the rhythm, steady and resolutely straight, yet never oppressive or superimposing, always remaining below the 130bpm mark. The dark and saturated, industrial-tinged and technoid result is most obviously influenced by the fact that Armando has been living in Berlin for a few years now – no sense denying its connection to the contemporary Berghain sound. Nevertheless, through its conceptual orientation, “Kosmogonie” has a very unique (and timeless) identity, right in between its physical appeal and a thorough recommendation for armchair listening as well. Where science meets its limits, man must resort to mythology to find answers!
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2.Casimir Effect
3.Solar Flare
7.Spatial Coherence
9.No Signal
10.Eridanus Supervoid
12.Made Of Stardust
13.No Signal (Geistform Remix)