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Release: 2016
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Supersimmetria - Materia CD

Hot on the heels of Supersimmetria’s „Kosmogonie“ (his first for HANDS) “Mate- ria” emerges as the straight album sequel – on the conceptual and the musical level: After cosmogony comes matter, and „Mate- ria“ exists only due to randomness and or- ganization of its atoms and their sub parti- cles. Musically, Armando Alibrandi boldly pushes into a point-blank technoid territory, albeit in the up-to-date dark and distorted fashion, with more experimental sounds taking over towards the end of the release,and especially on the remixes provided by Zaliva-D and Tomohiko Sagae. An adequate soundtrack for engaging in thoughts about space, as well as providing plenty of DJ-friendly cuts, “Ma-teria” lets Supersimmetria shine brighter than ever on the starry sky!The album is inspired by cosmological history, meant to be a bit like opening some random pages of the 17th century atlas titled “Materia” containing the knowledge of nowadays. The atlas follows different steps and patterns that the matter took through space-time, and every track is an interpretation one of some of the chapters of this 13.2 billion years story.
Taking off with the piercing riffs of “Protobiont”, the listener embarks on a trip of hypnotic pulses, space atmospheres and repeated calls to the dance floor with elegant bangers like the rougher “Vibrating Particles” or the tribal-flavoured “Abiogenesis” (which are still contained enough to secure consistent listening). “Materia” then inexorably gravitates towards darkness, with psychic, ominous tracks such as “Horror Vacui” or “Hadean”, while “Angular Momentum” emphasi- zes Armando’s industrial roots. It’s up to a couple of like-minded producers to have the last word on this: Chinese act Zaliva-D turns “Vibrating Particles” into a brain-warping fantasy, while Tomohiko Sagae from Japan replaces the straight kick drum of “Quantum Fluctuations” with distorted industrial beats.
Resistance is futile, “Materia” is everything!
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2.Vibrating Particles
3.T Tauri
5.Unobservable Matter
7.Quantum Fluctuations
8.Canes Venatici Supervoid
9.Horror Vacui
10.Angular Momentum
12.Vibrating Particles (Zaliva-D Remix)
13.Quantum Fluctuations (Tomohiko Sagae Remix)