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Supreme Court

"Hypocrites & Saints"


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Release: 2007
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Supreme Court - Hypocrites & Saints CD

Noch härter, noch schneller, noch agressiver als das Vorgängeralbum treffen hier knallharte Beats und Bässe auf düstere Flächen und eingängige Melodien swie kalte, klare bis verzerrte Vocals. Zwei der Album Tracks entstanden in Zusammenarbeit mit Painbastard und Solitary Experiments.
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Label:Black Rain
Label's catalogue number:BR 042
1.Jealous Man
2.Fainting Faces
3.Rush Of Blood
4.Traitors And Cowards
5.Voice Of Lying
6.Come To Me
7.Reality Dream (Instrumental)
8.Carefully Deceived
9.Hide In Fear
10.What Is It ....
11.Things We Forgot
12.Dream To Share
13.Loving Kind Of Cunt
14.Help Me Up
15.Conditioning Drug (Instrumental)
16.Fainting Faces (Remix By Retractor)
17.Never Again (Remix By Lights Of Euphoria)
18.Fainting Faces (Remix By Nvmph)
19.Next Extinction 8edit Ny Amnistia)
20.Replace Your Brain
21.Satisfy My Needs (5uxen Mix)
22.Forbidden Touch (Rough Version 2005)
23.Szintiscanner (Tape Version 1995)
24.Reaktor Fermi (Tape Version 1995)
25.Veb Kondensator (Tape Version 1995)
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