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"Oceania Remixed (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2014
Status: In stock
Surveillance - Oceania Remixed (Limited Edition) CD

File Under: EBM / Future-Pop - Running Time: 73’’40

Limited edition of strictly 500 hand-numbered copies!

If you interest in modern ...
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1.Thoughtcrime [Cryo Rmx]
2.Corridor [Interface Rmx]
3.Voyeur [Amnistia Modification]
4.Rise [Aesthetic Perfection Rmx]
5.Husk [Velvet Acid Christ Rmx]
6.I Was There [Angeltheory Rmx]
7.Corridor [ Rmx]
8.Panic [Rough Rmx By Blitzmaschine]
9.Homeland Security [Ivardensphere Rmx]
10.Belief [Rotersand Rmx]
11.Husk [Aaimon Rmx]
12.Rise [Parralox Rmx]
13.Panic [Paranoid Rmx By Iamdrugs]
14.I Was There [No Show Rmx By Microfilm]