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Release: 2014
Status: Sold out
Surveillance - Oceania CD

SURVEILLANCE is the all new project from Assemblage 23 front-man Tom Shear!

More focussed on EBM than the lighter future-synthpop of A23, Surveillance is a mix of classic old school influences brought into a more modern context. Lyrically, Surveillance explores themes of privacy, government control, and dystopian futures: 10 tracks of great EBM you will love!

"It’s an odd habit of record critics to demand justification for a side-project: after all, no music of any kind has to have a reason to exist. Oceania makes its own case really, regardless of what name is on the tin it’s distinctly the work of a singular artist. Tom Shear doesn’t have anything to prove to anyone: if he continues to make records as strong as Surveillance’s debut it doesn’t much matter what name he releases them under, their quality will speak for them." ~ I Die: You Die
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1.I Was There [Feat.carolyn Powers]
4.Rise 0
5.Husk [Feat. Mari Katmann]
7.Eye To Eye
10.Homeland Security