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Sweet Sister Pain

"The Seven Seas Of Blood And Honey"


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Release: 2010
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Sweet Sister Pain - The Seven Seas Of Blood And Honey CD

It seems to be as easy as lighting a match. The three musicians begin to play and a door into a world of melancholy opens. SweetSister Pain are dark and romantic, dynamic from a cricket's chirr to a thunderstorm. They create lyrics, songs and sounds that take your soul on a journey, they rouse emotions that otherwise only wake up in the gloaming of twilight. Apart from their own compositions, quotes from masterpieces like Chopin's 'Trauermarsch' and Schubert's 'Wiegenlied' belong to their work as naturally as adaptations of wonderful pop songs like e.g. 'Mad World' (Tears For Fears). If you take a look at their curriculum vitae, you'll realize that the three belong to an extraordinary class of musicians.

Sweet Sister Pain know exactly ...
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Label:Danse Macabre
Label's catalogue number:6412713DM
1.Mare Frigoris
2.The Age Of Anger
3.Hush Hush
4.Mare Crisium
5.Ue O Muite Aruko (Sukiyaki)
6.Mare Imbrium
7.Off With Your Head
8.The Truth In Minor
10.Lacus Somniorum
11.Mad World
12.Mare Nectaris
14.Mare Undarum
15.Annabel Lee
16.Mare Marginis
19.The Truth In Minor (KMFDM Remix)