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"Puppets & Angels"



Release: 2016
Status: Sold out
Syntec - Puppets & Angels CD

Within the past months you could surmise that „Syntec“ would return to the electro/pop/ebm scene. First live appearances on various festivals did prove it! „Syntec“ are back! „Puppets & Angels“ is the 35th (!) part of the Infacted Recordings classics series again limited to only 1000 copies worldwide! Uwe Kallenbach and Tobias Hartwig aka „Syntec“ return with „Puppets & Angels“ a collection of their greatest hits, rarities and unreleased material before 2016 will see the launch of an all new studio album! The former Machinery Records band delivers a digital remastered collection of their most important songs to date such as „Puppets“, „Talk to the upper world“, „Angel“, „It’s a lie“, „Eternity“ or „It takes a word“. Don’t miss this strictly limited collection! A „must have“ for all old school fans and collectors of the classics series!
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InfraRot item number:9947.615
1.Talk To The Upper World (Isolated Dance Mix)
2.The Blind Love The Blind (Club Mix)
4.The White Man
6.Try To Be Me
7.It’S A Lie
9.Angel (Radio Mix)
10.Fruits Of You
11.It Takes A Word
12.No Brain - No Headache
13.Puppets (Club Mix)
14.The Blind Love The Blind
15.Angel (Club Mix)
16.Nowhere Girl (90’S Dancefloor Mix)