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"Tomografia Assiale Computerizzata"


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Release: 2012
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T.A.C. - Tomografia Assiale Computerizzata CD

For the first time on CD, the debut album (Azteco Rec. 1983) by the band of the same name, then better known by the acronym T.A.C. founded in Parma in 1981 by Simone Balestrazzi (later Kirlian Camera!) and friends, in its first incarnation the band used to crossbreed industrial & experimental music, combining tape-loops, synthesizers and metal percussions with more traditional guitar, bass and drums.

A historic release of the alternative Italian music scene! Some of the tracks recall the most avant-jazz moments of Pere Ubu, while others remind of the experiments of early Cabaret Voltaire or the work of Nurse With Wound and the Residents. Music beyond the boundaries of space and time, a vortex of emotions that emerge over the background of a mutant and elusive horizon.
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Label's catalogue number:OFI002
1.Un Umido Motivo
2.I 7 Piani Dell'esperienza
3.Cerco Lavoro
6.Onde Corte
9.Introdotta La Scrofa Nel Mattatoio
10.Quasi Pieno
11.El Motel Electrico
13.Collezione Autunno-inverno
14.Moduli E Sottomoduli
15.Percussioni (Alt.)
17.Inverno A Stettino
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