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Terminal State

"Illegal Space Activity"



Release: 2013
Status: Sold out
Terminal State - Illegal Space Activity 2CD

After a 13-year hiatus, Slovakian old school dark electro act Terminal State returns with a crafty, science fiction-themed double album titled “Illegal Space Activity”.

The long break has enabled Chris XX and Minor to hone their musical skills and take Terminal State’s complex dark electro sound to new heights. The main album features hypnotizing tracks such as Andromeda, Natural City and My Blood as well as the ear-shattering tunes Ultraviolet Coma, Last Prophecy and Fatalist. The bonus disc, intriguingly called Trespassed Area 53, features remixes by Brain Leisure, Jihad, Pyrroline and tEaR!doWn along with six bonus mesmerizing tracks. Indulge yourself into Terminal State’s outer space world!
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Label:Electro Aggression Records
Label's catalogue number:EAR 003
2.Early Warning
5.Symmetry Of The Shadows
6.Ultraviolet Coma
7.Last Prophecy
8.Devastating Toxicity
9.Sleepless Night
10.My Blood
13.Natural City
14.Natural City (Jihad Rmx)
15.Ultraviolet Coma (Brain Leisure Rmx)
16.My Blood (Brain Leisure Rmx)
17.Fatalist (Pyrroline Rmx)
18.Last Prophecy (Tear!down Rmx)
19.Andromeda (Terminal State Rmx)
20.Luc Cipher
21.Under Control
22.Infra Mental
23.We’Re From Earth
24.Kings From The Sky
25.Digging Deep