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"Spit the Poison Out (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2015
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Terrolokaust - Spit the Poison Out (Limited Edition) 2CD

Limited edition of 100 hand-numbered copies worldwide. 10 of the tracks are released onCD for the first time ever. Including 12-panel poster-booklet & outer cardboard sleeve

This collector’s 2CD Limited Edition features the brand new “Venomous Version” of CD1, that adds the 2 b-sides from the rare, vinyl only 12” “Scars that never heal” to the end of the album – making these 2 tracks available on CD for the first time. CD2, “Mix the Poison up”, features 8 all-new remixes from the likes of IVARDENSPHERE, C-LEKKTOR, PHOSGORE and CHAIN-REACTOR as well as rounding up rare and deleted mixes by MODULATE, NITRO/NOISE, SIRUS and BLAKOPZ…

“Spit the Poison out” spent 8 consecutive weeks in the Top Ten of the DAC Charts, peaking at #3, and was the band’s first US release – sublicensed to Vendetta. The album also led to the band’s first vinyl releases. In the wake of its release, slowly but surely Terrolokaust have started to become a fixture on the German festival circuit, and last year DWA arranged a first major European tour for the band – to spend 3 weeks on the road opening for AESTHETIC PERFECTION and FADERHEAD.
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Label:Deathwatch Asia
1.The Poison
3.Blood Starts To Leak
5.The Way It Must Be
6.Scars That Never Heal
7.Reversing In Circles
8.A Release From This
9.Me Niego!
10.Dwindling Hope
11.Falling Away From Me
12.8Am (S.d.&m.)
14.Trapped Inside
15.Two-Faced Leader
16.Condemned To Be Free
17.Reversing In Circles (Ivardensphere Rmx)
18.Pointless (Chainreactor Rmx)
19.The Way It Must Be (Nitro/noise Rmx)
20.Scars That Never Heal (Sirus Rmx)
21.Addicted (Seraphim System Rmx)
22.Two-Faced Leader (Phosgore Rmx)
23.Reversing In Circles (C-Lekktor Rmx)
24.Pointless (Retrogramme Rmx)
25.The Way It Must Be (Modulate Rmx)
26.Scars That Never Heal (Ruinizer Rmx)
27.Addicted (Esa Rmx)
28.Two-Faced Leader (Blakopz Rmx)