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"Tethrippon (Limited Edition)"



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Tethrippon - Tethrippon (Limited Edition) CD + DVD

This is the limited collectors edition of "Tethrippon". The wooden box contains a professionally printed DVDR with 3 videoclips, a live-video, a foto-gallery and album-teasers. On top of the box is fixed areal horse-iron.
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InfraRot item number:2005.481
Label's catalogue number:Ahnstern36
2.Mother Nature's Hymn
3.A Prayer To The Sun
4.A Hymn To Erotas, God Of Love
5.The Brave
6.Internal Rising - Awakening
7.Dedicated To The "Alike"
8.Dominant Of Senses
9.Fire Holder
10.Corruption's Burial
11.We Won
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