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Thalie Nemesis



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Release: 2014
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Thalie Nemesis - Némésis CD

Genre/File under: French Indie, Goth, Post-Punk

After CONTRE JOUR another fresh signing on the label, normally famous and respected for its 80ies Cold Wave Re-releases!

Thalie Nemesis is a solo female project, bringing a dark, intimate, shivering, sometimes oriental,dark music, inspired by universes as Lynch movies, gothic, cold wave, baroque, trip hop but also riot girls. The Nemesis album is an exploration of human soul contradictions, struggling with her darkside... Nemesis, the armful enemy of the Human Comedy, deity of revenge…
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1.Intro - The Hunting (Si Poteris Narrare, Licet)
3.The Puzzler
4.I’M A Witch
5.Stockholm Syndrome
7.Paris At Night
8.Towards Dusk
9.Call The Fire
10.Winter So