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The Birthday Massacre

"Under your Spell (Limited Edition)"


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Release: June 2017
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The Birthday Massacre - Under your Spell (Limited Edition) LP

The Birthday Massacre present “Under Your Spell”, its most intimate and emotive record to date.

This album is a captivating hybrid of 80’s, electronica, and aggressive guitars, fused with dark, cinematic melodic progressions.

“Under Your Spell” blends the expansive breadth of The Birthday Massacre’s signature sound and creates a deeply personal, immersive collection of songs.
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1.A1 One
2.A2 Under Your Spell
3.A3 All Of Nothing
4.A4 Without You
5.A5 Counterpane
6.B1 Unkind
7.B2 Games
8.B3 Hex
9.B4 No Tomorrow
10.B5 The Lowest Low
11.B6 Endless