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The Box



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Release: 2014
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The Box - Doublevision CD

File under: Industrial/Cabaret Voltaire/Clock DVA. The Box were formed in 1981 in Sheffield out of the ashes of Clock DVA. DVA members Paul Widger, Roger Quail and Charlie Collins recruited new member Terry Todd and tried several vocalists including Stephen Mallinder of Cabaret Voltaire before deciding on Peter Hope. After two albums on Go Discs they linked up with the Cabs' Doublevision label where they released some EPs in a more electronic style. Klanggalerie now proudly presents the collected Doublevision works by this phenomenal group, including several remixes by Richard H. Kirk - two of which remained unpublished until this CD collection. In the unlikely case of you not knowing what The Box sound like: imagine a Sheffield funk band with elements of jazz & sax, a Cab Volt meets Miles Davis kind of music with a vocalist that could also be Captain Beefheart.
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1.Low Commotion
3.Crow Bar
4.Spade Work
5.Bottle Drips Dry
6.Bare Facts
7.Low Commotion (Muscle Mix)
8.Crow Bar (Muscle Mix)
9.Bottle Drips Dry (Muscle Mix)
10.Bare Facts (Muscle Mix)
11.Rose High
13.Crow Bar (Sax Murder Demo)