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The Crystalline Effect

"Hypothermia E.P."


Release: 2007
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The Crystalline Effect - Hypothermia E.P. MCD

This EP is the reworking of the cancelled "Do Not Open EP". After releasing in 2005 their album "Glass" the Australian duet The Crystalline Effectq continued their selected path of the organic synthesis of all elements of actual electro, supplied with sensual vocal.
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1.Only You Can See You
3.Nothing Warms This Room
4.Easy To Begin
5.When The World Ends (Blank Remix)
6.Jagged Edges (Negative Format Remix)
7.One Time In Life (Remix By Schyzzo.Com)
8.Nothing Warms This Room (Cb Remix)
9.Easy To Begin (Remix By Urceus Exit)
10.Nothing Warms This Room (Implant Remix)
11.Do Not Open
12.Jagged Edges
13.Only You Can See You (Remix)
14.Nothing Warms This Room (Neikka RPM Remix)