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The Deadfly Ensemble

"An Instructional Guide For Aspiring..."


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Release: 2012
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The Deadfly Ensemble - An Instructional Guide For Aspiring... CD

Cinema Strange frontman Lucas Lanthier returns with his third album on which he returns to some of the bombast and energy of his earlier Cinema Strange works, moving The Deadfly Ensemble into a new phase of a mock-up between artsy post-punk and off-kilter chamber-folk!

'An Instructional Guide For Aspiring Arsonists' keeps up the tradition, furnishing fans with a richly textured album package that includes a fold-out poster with pages of the weirdly fantastic lyrics that have made Lanthier's projects famous and a limited edition insert signed by the entire band!
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InfraRot item number:2011.584
Label's catalogue number:PRO281
1.Wild-Eyed Hounds
2.Thirsty Girl Or The Tale Of The Storm Crow
3.Hammer Anvil And Stirrups
4.The Early Years Of Dr. Lindsay
5.Lizard Tree On Fire
6.The Glorious Immolation Of The Holy Order Of The Sun
7.Dog Vs. Postman In B
8.St. Nick's Sugar Hill Sanitorium (What Do You Reckon Julia?)
9.Concerning Two Lunatic Vagabonds Of The Middle Ages
10.Commercial Success
11.Marvelous Murderess