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The Durutti Column

"Short Stories For Pauline/Live In Bruxelles"


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Release: 2015
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The Durutti Column - Short Stories For Pauline/Live In Bruxelles 2CD

Double disc remaster of Short Stories For Pauline, the legendary long-lost fourth album by The Durutti Column, recorded in Brussels for Factory Benelux in 1983 with guest musicians including Blaine L. Reininger, Alain Lefebvre and Anne van den Troost.

Shelved after Durutti manager Tony Wilson decided to expand Duet as an entire album (Without Mercy), SSFP was shelved for three decades. In 2012 Factory Benelux issued a vinyl-only edition, limited to just 1000 copies, and now sold out. The album is also now available on CD and download, with Live in Bruxelles as a bonus disc.
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