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The Enchanted Wood

"Monster Parade"


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The Enchanted Wood - Monster Parade CD

During the cold days and the deadly nights, come enjoy the music of "The Enchanted Wood"!Listening to The Enchanted Wood brings trust, happiness, comfort and even Eternal Life.MONSTER PARADE will pleasure your ears with quality featurings, and nine delightful songs ofmonstrosity, unspeakable sins and unutterable melancholy.Listening is believing!
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Label:Trutzburg Thule
1.1 The Ogre At Midnight 2:23
2.2 Children Of Solitude 3:48
3.3 Monster Parade 5:31
4.4 The Ape King 3:20
5.5 Death Is Knocking At Your Door 3:40
6.6 Death To My Neighbour 2:57
7.7 The Cotton Song 5:01
8.8 An Invisible Friend 4:10
9.9 The Phantom Creeps 7:34