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The Eternal Afflict




Release: 2014
Status: Sold out
The Eternal Afflict - Perish! MCD

2014... the Ruhr area... a place of constant change... once Germany's factory of arms, then developing industrial museum and now innovative location for leading future technologies... home of the cult-electros THE ETERNAL AFFLICT, who are in their 25th year now and more active than rarely before.

In the turn of the year 2014 TEA will release a trilogy that decomposes life itself and its different facets... one time thoughtful, the other ironic but still critical and rebellious... attributes that distinguished and accompanied them all the time. Winus Rilinger, Per-Anders Kurenbach and André Kampmann (aka CYAN) show that growing old doesn't necessarily mean tristesse and stagnation. Their creativity and productivity are reflected in the new songs: Perish ! - supporting title of the EP by the same name will open the ball of the publications in March. It's a classical, driving TEA-song in an extravagant sound-design... with Human Remains they go on an apocalyptic, almost prophetical journey into the inferno of human being... electronical future-music - hard, modern and iconic.
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1.Perish ! Single Edit
2.Perish ! Performed By Desireless & Operation Of The Sun
3.Perish ! Amgod - Remixxx
4.Human Remains - 18 Sommers - Remix
5.Perish ! Patenbrigade Wolff - Remix
6.Human Remains - Album Version
7.Perish ! Fabrikc - Remix
8.Perish ! Rebirth - Remix By Enter And Fall
9.Perish ! 3Rd Man - Mix By Per Anders Kurenbach
10.Perish ! Album Version
11.Spiel Mir Das Lied Vom Tod – Version