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The Fall

"Rebellious Jukebox"



Release: 2007
Status: Sold out
The Fall - Rebellious Jukebox 2CD

Das 2-CD-Set der Post-Punk-Legenden enthält Studioaufnahmen aus drei Jahrzehnten, einschließlich der Klassiker "Hip Priest" und "Totally Wired".
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InfraRot item number:2138.072
2.Rebellious Jukebox
3.Underground Medicine
4.Before The Moon Falls
5.Your Heart Out
6.Muzoweri's Daughter
7.Flat Of Angels
8.Spectre VS. Rector
9.The Classical
10.Jawbone And The Air Rifle
11.Hip Priest
13.Who Makes The Nazis?
14.Hard Life In The Country
15.Solicitor In Studio
16.Prole Art Threat
17.Totally Wired
18.Pay Your Rates
19.An Old Lover
20.Kicker Conspiracy
21.Sing Harpy!
22.Bill Is Dead
23.Black Monk Theme 1
24.Black Monk Theme 2
25.And Therein
27.The Bourgeous Blues
28.Gotta See Jane
29.Ibis Afroman
30.The Acute