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The Flirts

"Passion Of Disco - Remix Album"



Release: 2014
Status: Sold out
The Flirts - Passion Of Disco - Remix Album CD

80er KULT DISCO TRIO FLIRTS back for 30th year anniversary with classic world hits remixes! Incl. Passion 2014, Megamix 2014, Helpless reloaded version (14 tracks + video!!)
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2.Passion (New Dance Version 2014)
3.Helpless (Reloaded)
4.Danger (New Version 2014)
5.Fly Me High (Reloaded)
6.You're My First, You're My Last (Bobby O-Style Maxi)
8.Passion (Power Remix)
9.Helpless (You Took My Love) (Original Long Version)
10.Temptation (Original Long Version)
11.Linda Jo Rizzo's Disco-Hit Mix (Short Version)
12.Passion (New Dance Version Karaoke)
13.Day Of The Light (Power Disco Maci Version)
14.You're My First, You're My Last (Karaoke Version)
15.You`re My First, You're My Last (Live In Budapest)