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The Gothsicles

"Sega Lugosi's Dead"


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The Gothsicles - Sega Lugosi's Dead CD

After the surprise hit of their debut, 'NESferatu', the duo of darkNES and :EYG: are back with even more EBM inspired carnage and their latest offering, 'Sega Lugosi's Dead'.

Inspired by everything from Dig-Dug to, well, balls (or rather 'BALLLLLLLS!!!'), The Gothsicles leave no stupid stone unturned. 'Sega Lugosi's Dead' combines their signature infectious bouncy hooks, offbeat sense of humor and love of all things geek, producing an album that surpasses their first. 'Sega Lugosi's Dead' features guest appearances from Prometheus Burning, Cyanotic, The Dark Clan and unwittingly, Caustic. In addition to the album tracks, 'Sega Lugosi's Dead' contains remixes from Alter der Ruine, System Syn, Iszoloscope, Boole, and Defcon!
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InfraRot item number:2010.921
Label:WTII Records
Label's catalogue number:WTII052
2.Second Album Means It's Too Late To Change Your Band Name
3.Amphibious Trigonometry
4.Karma Jolt
5.Anal Meat Ft
6.Eff The Sun
7.Baaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllssss (Prometheus Burning Vs. The Gothsicles)
8.Minfluxfuneral Owes Me Like 100
9.Nine Dudes Freaking Out
10.I Thought The CD Player Was Broken... But It Was Just A Cyanotic Song
11.It Could Definitely At Least Be Argued That The Whole Video Game Thing
12.Sweet! Remixes!
13.Nine Dudes Freaking Out (Nine Dudes Making Out Remixed By Alter Der Ru
14.Eff The Sun (DEFCON Atomic Annihilation Mix)
15.Second Album Means It's Too Late To Change Your Band Name (Izoloscpope
16.Karma Jolt (System Syn Remix)
17.Nine Dudes Freaking Out (Repulsiveness Remix By Boole)