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The Joy Of Nature

"A Roda do Templo (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2015
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The Joy Of Nature - A Roda do Templo (Limited Edition) CD

In Digipak, Limited edition of strictly 289 copies!

“A Roda do Tempo” (The Wheel of Time) is the brand new album by THE JOY OF NATURE and continues from where “The Empty Circle, part II” left, in a return to true FOLK inspired songs in Portuguese. But while it maintains the dreamy sound present in previous releases, the songs are more energetic and focused than ever before. The album’s main theme is the cyclical nature of time, the cyclical nature of one’s individual life and the axis of the wheel, beyond time…

The lyrics were taken from or inspired by different sources – from traditional poetry from the Azores islands and Celtic peoples (Irish and Scottish) to ancient Chinese poetry (of Taoist inspiration) – lyrics from all over the world reflecting a similar view on Fate and Will!

This new opus is without a doubt the most ambitious work by The Joy of Nature since the trilogy “The Empty Circle” and contains 16 brand new tracks and more than an hour of music.
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1.Pastores Do Oceano Imenso
2.Para Lá Do Rio Do Esquecimento
3.As Ruínas Sob O Sol Do Fim De Verão
4.As Três Moiras Encantadas
5.Divertimento Do Mar
6.Ribeiras Sem Nome
7.A Criança Quase Abandonada
8.Ao Sol
9.Canção De Amergin
10.Aldeias De Basalto
11.A Borboleta Voando No Vazio
12.Águas Agitadas Passando Entre As Mãos
13.Nascido Da Lava Mal Fria
14.As Mangas Do Meu Vestido Primaveril
15.Valsa Do Trigo Queimado
16.Ilha Ao Longe