InfraRot Cannibal (c) Pit Hammann

The Law-Rah Collective



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Release: 2008
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The Law-Rah Collective - Inspiration CD

Musically, "Inspiration" can be clearly identified as a new step in the [law-rah] collective's exploration of their electronic microcosm. Sub-bass lines and drones interact with beautiful idm'ish melodic lines that are complimented by pulsing beat sequences - inducing an overall majestic and sometimes melancholic impression. This music is filled with deep, haunting and phantasmagorial sounds that are expertly adapted to give one's fancy a full scope of emotion. More simply put, this is a inspired journey through two persons' past and present.
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1.Ledig Erf
2.De Gesloten Steen
6.'t Luie End