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The Legendary Pink Dots

"Synaesthesia (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2015
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The Legendary Pink Dots - Synaesthesia (Limited Edition) 2LP

Black print on Special Silver Paper!, Double-Vinyl.

Once described by Edward Ka-Spel as a companion to Chemical Playschool: Vols. 11, 12 & 13, ‘Synesthesia’ (S.P.K.R. 2002) is finally being re-released in a limited Deluxe Double Vinyl Edition. Simply a great esoteric and experimental album and completely original compared to ‘All the King’s Horses’ and ‘All the King’s Men’, the two “song” albums released later that same year. ‘Synesthesia’ stands out as a brilliant excursion into ambient abstraction in the “Premonition 26″/ ”Premonition 28″ sequence; in terms of experimental music, “Flashback” succeeds to surprise with its creaking sounds and ghostly, ectoplasmic aural reminiscences. Song-wise, “Shining Path” and “The More it stays the Same” are great efforts, and put this album in a row of essential LPD releases!

Historically, it is noteworthy for being the first album featuring the quartet line-up of Ka-Spel, the Silverman, Niels van Hoorn, and Martijn de Kleer, with Raymond Steeg in the control room.

This vinyl edition furthermore comes with 2 bonus-tracks on SIDE D, recorded live in 2004.
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1.Shining Path
3.Kami Kai
4.Premonition 26 Part 1
5.Premonition 26 Part 12
6.Premonition 28
7.The More It Stays The Same
9.Kalos Melas
10.The Mote You Says The Same (Live At Villa Oetinger, Darmstadt 2004)
11.The Divine (Live At Villa Oetinger, Darmstadt 2004)