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The Legendary Pink Dots

"The Maria Dimension (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2016
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The Legendary Pink Dots - The Maria Dimension (Limited Edition) 2LP

Gatefold Double LP • Printed inner sleeves. Weight of 1 copy: 730 grams!

In 1991 The Legendary Pink Dots released “The Maria Dimension”, an album most accurately described in the band’s own lexicon as “Kaleidoscopic”, composed of a blend of electronics, guitar and voice, with a generous helping of sitar, brass and woodwind instruments. The songs were recorded at the band’s home studio following four weeks of improvisation and experimentation. The first vinyl edition of the album was released as an edited version of the CD, with the last six tracks sliced off. 25 years on, this edition contains the complete fourteen-song album on vinyl for the first time ever, and has been remastered for maximum listening pleasure. The albums are presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve with tip-on printing, with lyrics, tracklist and band photo printed on the inner sleeves.
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1.A1 Disturbance
2.A2 Pennies For Heaven
3.A3 Third Secret
4.A4 The Grain Kings
5.B1 The Ocean Cried ‘Blue Murder’
6.B2 Belladonna
7.B3 A Space Between
8.B4 Evolution
9.C1 Cheraderama
10.C2 Lilith
11.C3 Fourth Secret
12.D1 Expresso Noir
13.D2 Home
14.D3 Crushed Velvet