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The Mission

"Neverland (Deluxe Edition)"



Release: 2011
Status: Sold out
The Mission - Neverland (Deluxe Edition) 2CD

Formed in 1986 by Wayne Hussey and Craig Adams when they left the Sisters of Mercy, The Mission enjoyed a succession of hit albums and singles through the second half of the 80s and the first half of the 90s. 'Neverland', released in February 1995, was the band's sixth album, and featured the hits 'Raising Cain', 'Swoon' and 'Lose Myself In You'.

This special Deluxe edition comes with a full-length Bonus-CD, featuring non-album singles sides and mixes, along with two interesting cover versions only issued in Germany: John Lennon's 'Instant Karma' and Status Quo's 'Pictures Of Matchstick Men' - for the first time on CD! The CD booklet contains all the lyrics, as well as brand new annotation by Tim Jones of Record Collector.
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Label's catalogue number:EDSD2092
1.Raising Cain
3.Lose Myself In You
5.Afterglow (Reprise)
6.Stars Don't Shine Without You
8.Cry Like A Baby
9.Heaven Knows
10.Swim With The Dolphins
11.Neverland (Vocal)
12.Daddy's Going To Heaven Now
13.Raising Cain (CD Single Edit)
14.Neverland (Instrumental)
15.Swoon (Full Balloon Edit)
17.Wasting Away
18.Swoon (Reserection Mix)
19.Swoon (Over The Moon Edit)
20.Swoon (Over The Moon Mix)
21.Swoon (Bubble Wrap Mix)
22.Swoon (Full Balloon Mix)
23.Lose Myself In You (Radio Edit)
24.Instant Karma
25.Pictures Of Matchstick Men