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The Pain Machinery

"Total Recall EP"


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Release: 2009
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The Pain Machinery - Total Recall EP MCD

Remix-EP from swedish industrial mayhem TPM includes 11 tracks in total duration more than 57 minutes, advertise the release of their conceptual album "Urban Survival", featuring among others Chemlab's Jared Louche and scheduled for winter, 2010. EP combines electro punk with the old school EBM + noise, includes the alternative version of title track, done in german language and completed specially for german fans.

One of remixes is also made with the participation Of Container 90. Having recently joined forces with Advoxya Records the new material sees TPM going in a more electronic direction while keeping the edge and aggression of their earlier work. The lead track, "Total Recall", is presented in a variety of mixes showcasing the band's ability to forge classic heavy-duty basslines, disciplined beats and commanding vocals into a sound that brings early EBM straight into the future.
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1.Total Recall (Extended Mix)
2.Bloody Retreat
3.Pre-programmed Automatic (Dub)
4.Total Recall (Ted Barley Slow Beat Mix)
5.System Error (Electro Punk Mix Feat Container 90)
6.Total Recall (Special German Version)
7.Bloody Retreat (Broken Beat Mix Feat Ted Barley)
8.Acid Breakfast
9.Total Ibiza
10.Heat (Remix)
11.Weekend Warrior (Electro Mix)