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The Present Moment

"Loyal To A Fault"


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Release: 2014
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The Present Moment - Loyal To A Fault LP

A new effort entitled Loyal to A Fault sees the light of the day on Mannequin in collaboration with Desire Records. This new record is a collaborative effort between Scott Milton and Philipp Munch of The Rorschach Garden / Synapscape. It explores a relatively similar dynamic pop territory, still opened to new musical tendencies and new sonorities without loosing cohesion. Consequently this last effort promises a completely mesmeric musical odyssey made of eerie drones, addictive electro moves, propulsive batcave bass lines and captivating plaintive-melodic sections which culminate into a sort of ecstatic consuming reverie. Scott Milton's rich sense of composition gives to the arrangements a radical and unique feel, somewhere between the narcoleptic twist of The Sisters of Mercy, the regular addictive density of Front 242 and the touching goth- dramatic sense of Colin Newman or Asylum Party. The Present Moment means a real sense of adventure towards music and a fair degree of passion for singular, creative and fugitive shared moments, against any procrastination. Prepare yourself for this transgressive, post-romantic electro adventure.
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Label:Mannequin Records
Label's catalogue number:MNQ 18
1.The Start Echo Mix
3.The Distance Between Us
4.Cheap Thrills
6.A New Day
8.Careful What You Wish For
9.Loyal To A Fault