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The Pulsar



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Release: 2008
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The Pulsar - Never CD

One of the firsts on Advoxya in far 2005 the band from Saint Petersburg believed in the potential of the young label, and the label recognized the group`s sufficiently innovative ideas in order to invite them into its roster. As a result of our mutual collaboration, after the album of "Awakening" 2005, remix-ep in 2006 named "Re -Wakening" and subsequently after it in 2007 re-issued the material of the group from the end of the 90`s - beginning 2000 in the form of "Revolution/Reloaded". The past 3 years were a sufficiently long term for the preparation of a full-format album, that is, it was spent not in vain. Here is everything for those, who yet did not forget the classical sounding of traditional EBM, without any new-fashioned varigated pattern or forgeries under the old school of the end of the 80th. The first 3 compositions assign the tone of the entire album, being interrupted only by the monumental track 5 (Levitation), created under the impression of the film of "Knocking on the heaven`s door". The pulsating, torn rate, beaten through the edge power energy makes possible for the russians F242 to create the memory able expressive compositions, sketching the perception of eternally unfriendly Petersburg through the prism of its personal sensuality.
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1.My Dream
2.Dont Stop
7.Die For Something
8.Pretended Prayer
9.Blind Vision
10.Round Corner
11.Daily Fever