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The Qualia

"Secret Weapons"


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The Qualia - Secret Weapons CD

'Secret Weapon' can only be described as pure electronic indie pop brilliance. From the catchy hook in the opening track, 'Split in Two,' to the powerful guitars on the rock epic 'I Was Born to Get High,' 'Secret Weapon' is a musical journey that transcends various emotions and musical styles. The songwriting on The Qualia's sophomore release showcases a more mature Lars Casteen and his vocals can be compared to Colin Meloy of The Decemberist.
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InfraRot item number:2010.923
Label:WTII Records
Label's catalogue number:WTII056
1.Split In 2
2.Station Wagons
3.Captain Of Industry
4.Got Bit Again
6.On Strings Of Love
7.This Weekend
8.Should Be Home
9.Silent, Silent
10.Dark City Streets
11.Didn't Know
12.I Was Born To Get High