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The Residents

"Daydream B-Liver"


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Release: 2016
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The Residents - Daydream B-Liver CD

Daydream B-Liver" was released by The Residents' Fan Club UWEB in 1991. It's an assortment of music from the years 1971 to 1991. The oldest material is a recording of a live show at The Boarding House in '71. The Residents were assisted by Snakefinger for the event. Then there is three tracks from the "Stars & Hank Forever" sessions that were not used on the original album. "Daydream In Space" was recorded by the band especially for this compilation. It is a nod to Sun Ra and Barry White. "Dog Glue" is an unused snippet from the "Baby King" music used on "The King And Eye". The 1990s are represented by music from the "Freak Show" and "Cube E" sessions, including a live rehearsal for a German TV show. The song that gives the album its title (apart from it being part B of "Liver Music") is a cover version of The Monkees' hit single of the (nearly) same name. As a bonus, the CD also includes the "Special Almost Dance Mix" of "Hit The Road Jack", a song that The Residents recorded in 1987 as a follow-up to "Kaw-Liga". This version has previously never been available on CD.
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1.Daydream In Space
2.Dog Glue
3.Hit The Road Jack (Special Almost Dance Mix)
4.Dear Brother
5.Pictures Of Life’S Other Side
6.I’M So Lonesome I Could Cry
7.A Live Radio Broadcast
8.The Boarding House
9.King Kong
10.All Tha’ Freaks
11.From The Plains To Mexico
12.Wistful Break
13.Burning Love
14.Daydream Believer