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The Residents



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Release: 2015
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The Residents - Wormwood CD

Though some of the Bible is abysmal and boring, much of it is entertaining and important reading. The Residents have tackled this book in all its complexity without the responsibility of the scholar. Though many months have gone into research, the intent of the music and lyrics remain within the realm of the inspired poet. The stories and ideas represented here are definitely in the Bible. The desire is to neither vilify nor sanctify the book, but to allow it to be humanized. For the Bible to be looked upon as spiritually uplifting is good and useful, but that view overlooks the Bible's abundant images of plague, torture, and cruelty. It is this dichotomy that gives balance and substance to the book. Without both, the dark and the light, there is no measure of either, only the bland reassurances that pass for organized religion today.
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1.In The Beginning
2.Fire Fall
3.They Are The Meat
4.Meloncholy Clumps
5.How To Get A Head
6.Cain And Abel
7.Mr. Misery
8.Tent Peg In The Temple
9.God's Magic Finger
10.Spilling The Seed
11.Dinah And The Unclean Skin
12.Bathsheba Bathes
13.Bridegroom Of Blood
14.Hanging By His Hair
15.The Seven Ugly Cows
16.Burn Baby Burn
17.Kill Him
18.I Hate Heaven
19.Judas Saves