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The Rita



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Release: 2015
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The Rita - Raymonda CD

For THE RITA, the classical ballet in the last few years has been an epiphany; a massive amalgamation of obsessive and fetishistic elements not unlike earlier interests and themes that have directly provided the structure for abrasive sound found in his past recordings. Ballet themed recordings of THE RITA from the past two years have concentrated on the single Ballerina.

THE RITA's 'Raymonda (Stage Arrangement of Women)' recordings and sound is almost impenetrable, an avalanche of harsh noise that directs the listener back to THE RITA's CD works such as '1000s of Dead Gods' and 'Bodies Bare Traces of Carnal Violence', but this time with the massive study and focus of the staging of the classical ballet.

The material and it's accompanying booklet and imagery portray the inherent lasting voyeuristic fetishism of abstract female perfection first portrayed by the massively staged ballet works and tendencies of the late 1800s classical ballet 'Grand pas' or 'Ballabile' and it's power through movement in symmetry via more contemporary performances.
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