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The Saint Paul

"Days Without Rain"


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Release: 2015
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The Saint Paul - Days Without Rain CD

With the new release „Days Without Rain“ „The Saint Paul“ present their second full studio album to date. After their debut album „Consequence“ which was released in 2013 by „Danse Macabre / UCM Records“ and the first E.P. „Rewind the time“ the band got back to the studio to create an epochal piece of modern electronic pop music! Their music holds traditional synth pop/electro pop elements enriched by unforseen moments inspired by mundane situations or people entering the scenery. Music as diverse as life itself. Twelve masterpieces with depth, melody and atmosphere. A true „must have“ for all fans of bands such as Mesh, Covenant, Camouflage or Torul.Check out the great video clip for „Whire Unicon“ on YouTube, Facebook or via Sonic Seducer!
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2.Reality Distortion Field
3.What Do You Want
4.White Unicorn
5.But He Will
6.Neon Light
8.Unempathic V2
10.Leave Without Answer
11.Not Tonight
12.Dead End