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The Silicon Scientist

"Outside The Night"



Release: 2015
Status: Sold out
The Silicon Scientist - Outside The Night 2LP

Highly anticipated by fans and other musicians alike, THE SILICON SCIENTIST's third full-length studio vocal album 'Outside The Night' was five years in the making and culminating in 18 refined tracks that eventually made it onto the final 2LP and 2CD albums. As previously, THE SILICON SCIENTIST delivers complex melancholic synth pop at its very best, so worth the long wait! Both versions include a myriad of bonus material (either as download coupon in the vinyl edition or data tracks on the CD edition), almost 6 hours of music!!!
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Label:Anna Logue Records
1.A1 Tonight 6:09
2.A2 Changes 5:41
3.A3 The Longest Day 7:00
4.A4 The Fall (Part I) 5:42
5.B1 Sinister Street 6:39
6.B2 On Her Own 6:47
7.B3 Lighthouse (Part I) 6:13
8.B4 Lighthouse (Part Ii) 1:48
9.B5 Annex I - Dk.86 3:25
10.C1 Trinity Place 6:47
11.C2 Sundial 6:15
12.C3 The Fall (Part Ii) 0:59
13.C4 Pictures 6:32
14.C5 Annex Ii - Ny.89 2:48
15.D1 Operators 4:52
16.D2 European Parks In The Rain 7:43
17.D3 Annex Iii - Rainstars 3:49
18.D4 Four Lonely Hours Away 7:05