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The Silicon Scientist

"Poly/Bookmarks II"



Release: 2009
Status: Sold out
The Silicon Scientist - Poly/Bookmarks II LP + CD

His first album "Windows on the World" has received wonderful feedback, from both fans and other musicians worldwide, and he is nowadays recognized as a great influence to many other contemporary electronic music artists. Stefan is indeed one of Germany's most talented contemporary composers of electronic pop music and taking into account that his time for music is rather limited and that his efforts in playing and finalizing the debut album with Sonnenbrandt in 2008 also took away much of his time for his solo project, his high quality output on all fronts is outstanding. With "Poly" he proves his continuous ability to write substantial and timeless melancholic electropop and electronic wave songs while most of the album's sounds have been generated on the wonderful Polymoog synthesisers, hence the title! "Silicon Beach" shows the Polymoog's great versatility to even create lovely South American flute sounds along the all analogue warm and dark synth sounds.

On "Meltdown", fans of The ...
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InfraRot item number:2005.653
Label:Anna Logue Records
Label's catalogue number:ANNA 024/024B
1.Silicon Beach (Intro)
2.Oceans Of Green
5.Lost City
6.A Blue Glow
8.Silicon Beach (Outro)
10.When The World Slows Down
11.Lost City (Extended Remix)
12.Elephant's Graveyard
13.Second Floor
14.Submarines (First Version)
15.Silberwinter (Early Mix)
16.Inselwinter I
17.Inselwinter II