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The Spoiled

"Broken Spine"


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Release: June 2016
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The Spoiled - Broken Spine CD

The Spoiled is an Italian solo project founded in late 2015 by main producer, singer, songwriter and instrumentalist Giovanni Santolla. Its musical framework is a mosaic of darkwave, noise rock, dark ambient and industrial combined with a deep love for surrealist and horror movies and Decadent literature. Glacial drum machines, tribal percussions, chorused basses, distorted synths and ethereal vocals portray a claustrophobic yet melancholic journey through the deepest and darkest feelings of human being.
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Label:Manic Depression
3.Wish House
4.Empty Stations
5.Bound In Heaven
6.Romantic Nightmare
7.When Sheep Stop Dreaming
8.Until We Fall Apart
9.I Am Void
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