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The Toy Shop




Release: 2014
Status: Sold out
The Toy Shop - 4PlayEP Single/7

After playing in punk/new wave combo Psykik Volts, THE TOY SHOP was formed by Paul Klein in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, UK, to pursue his interests in electronic pop music. In 1981, Paul released his first 7" "The Maze/Live Wires Kill", with the latter being an absolute cult hit in the minimal electronics/synth scene for its reference to Daniel Miller/The Normal's "TVOD/Warm Leatherette" 7" (Paul used an EDP Wasp synth, Spider sequencer, Boss DR-55 bass drum, Wasp white noise snare). Only Paul didn't make it that big with the single, even if he was very close to stardom that time: "... even got me an audition for Depeche Mode way back when Vince Clarke left to form Yazoo – almost got the job too (ended up being between me and the guy they took on who ‘could also play piano’)". Paul moved to Sheffield where Phil Walsh was added to project while showcase gigs and record company meetings came and went (big names like Chrysalis and EMI at one time). Eventually they released another single "Attack Decade/Never Trust A Stranger" in 1983 on a smaller label which went down right after. THE TOY SHOP was put to a rest in 1984 then, while Paul kept on making music ever since. Paul also mentioned he had "a couple more songs along ‘Live Wires Kill’ lines", so let's see what the past still has to offer and what the future brings.

7"EP features: limited edition of ...
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Label:Attractive Co-ordinates
1.The Maze (V2.0)2:51
2.Live Wires Kill2:05
3.Attack Decade3:47
4.The Maze (Original)2:53