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The Veil

"History (Best of)"


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Release: 2015
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The Veil - History (Best of) CD

The absolutely ESSENTIAL of the (US-)British 80s New Wave/Goth Rock band The Veil on one CD!

The CD comes with a 12-pages booklet incl. rare and never seen documents and pictures from the 80s and an extensive comment by Goth Pop Mick Mercer (see attachment for full text!). This CD collects ALL tracks ever released by the Band on 1 album, 2 12” singles and 1 7” single.

The Veil was born from the ashes of San Francisco Death Rock/Goth band ‘Beast’, who dissolved at the end of 1983 following their last UK tour at which time Andrella Canne (vocals) and James Christ (bass) elected to remain in the UK where they felt the climate was right for what they wanted to do next musically: THE VEIL.
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Label:Wave Records
3.The Rain
4.Love In A Dying World
6.Pale Hose
7.Closet Floor
8.Thy Will
11.Manikin - 12" Extended
12.Manikin - 12 " Short Version
13.Dreams Endowed - 12" Single
14.Panic - 12" Single
15.Heavy Heart - 12" Single
16.Watching (The Nite World Work) - 12" Single
17.Is This Sin - 12" Single 18 Twist - 7" Single
18.Sway - 7" Single