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"A Deeper Kind Of Slumber"


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Release: 2007
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Tiamat - A Deeper Kind Of Slumber CD

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Label:Century Media
1.Gold Seed
3.Trillion Zillion Centipedes
4.The Desolate One
5.Atlantis As A Lover
6.Alternation X 10
7.Four Leary Biscuits
8.Only In My Tears It Lasts
9.The Whores Of Babylon
11.Phantasma De Luxe
12.Mount Marilyn
13.A Deeper Kind Of Slumber
14.Only In My Tears It Lasts (The Cat Mix)
15.Cold Seed [Video]
16.Alternation X 10 [Video]
17.Phantasma De Luxe [Video]
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