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Totem Obscura VS. Acylum

"Forgotten Time"


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Release: 2013
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Totem Obscura VS. Acylum - Forgotten Time 2CD

The first edition gets releases as a limited box with bonus disc and remixes by bands like DIE BRAUT,DOLLS OF PAIN, CYNICAL EXISTENCE, JUNKSISTA, PSY’AVIASH, DIFFUZION etc.

Still strong from the astounding resonance received by their "Waldgesit" EP in the industrial / dark elektro DJ community, TOTEM OBSCURA vs. ACYLUM strike back with the full length album. With this new project, the ACYLUM gang reveals a new sound entity that bridges morbid harsh elektrowith melancholic and mystic orchestrations. Besides the straight and upbeat club tracks like "Waldgeist", the highly danceable "Brothers" and also the title track "Forgotten Time", they offer up more oppressive, bombastic and noir moments on titles like the opening "Violence Needs A Cause", the slow and penetrating "Proud" or yet the superb intricate vocal sample work on "Warrior", the perfect hymn to desolation...

Acting like zombies playing haunted tunes in a graveyard, TOTEM OBSCURA awaken the dark spirits for the ultimate dance of the dead! An impressive melange of influences ranging from KIRLIAN CAMERA to HOCICO with the unmatchable ACYLUM touch of darkness
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Label:Alfa Matrix
Label's catalogue number:AM 2195
1.Violence Needs A Cause
5.Forgotten Time
6.Eternal Sleep
7.Herr, Erbame Dich
8.Dead Nnow
9.My Faith Is Right (Feat. Ethan Fawkes)
13.Forgotten Time (Die Braut Remix)
14.Warrior (Monospore Remix)
15.Waldgeist (Dolls Of Pain Remix)
16.Violence Needs A Cause (Heimstatt Yipotash Remix)
17.Dead Snow (Dj Shades - Beati Mortui Remix)
18.Forgotten Time (Reiz Remix)
19.Waldgeist (Garten Der Asche Remix)
20.Forgotten Time (Junksista Remix)
21.Waldgeist (Diabolic Art Remix)
22.Warrior (Psy'aviah Remix)
23.11Forgotten Time (Stopstart Remix By Vested Serpent)
24.Dead Snow (Dj Metalhammer Remix)
25.Waldgeist (Stripped Down To The Bone Remix By Cynical Existence)
26.Warrior (Diffuzion Remix)
27.Violence Needs A Cause (Vault-113 Remix)