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Treha Sektori

"Severh Sehenh"


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Release: 2014
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Treha Sektori - Severh Sehenh CD

Edition of 500 copies in 4 panel over sized sleeve with 8 page booklet

Imagined as the end of a cycle, initiated with 2012's "Endessiah" album, "Severh Sehenh" is not really the third album from Treha Sektori nor an e.p. It's to be seen an appendix, a specific chapter of time. It consists of a lone track, cut into different movements. The material was formally composed for live performances, with the overbearing urge of facing eyes, to live through them. Imagined as a burden to carry, a day we didn’t expect, and a final step that is unknown. No way to unload what is on our shoulders. Acceptance is the only way to trace a new path. Peaceful times with hard thoughts. Rough moments with joyful feelings.
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Label:Cyclic Law
1.Severh Sehenh