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"The Difference Is A Boy EP"


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Trigger10d - The Difference Is A Boy EP CD

Since inception, Trigger 10d had remained in virtual anonymity - until now. With the release of their debut, 'The Difference Is A Boy', the trio's recognition quickly change from local buzz to international frenzy.

Comprised of Alicia Sotelo (vocals and lyrics), George Fulton (programming, bass and guitar) and Sam Marotta (programming and guitar), Trigger 10d have spent the majority of their time creating, manipulating and fine tuning their sound. The end result is an eclectic mixture of trip hop, pop and techno combined with several elements of noise and darkwave.

Tracks such as 'Most People Don't Forget,' 'Elaine' and 'You Complicate Things' showcases Trigger 10d's pure pop potential while 'Bittergold' and 'Dirtywater' feature a more underlying dark side. Alicia's passionate vocals and deep lyrical content embrace the soul while the intricate and intelligent programming will hook you from first listen.
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