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"(Boris Nad) - Sailing to Itaca"


Release: 2014
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TSIDMZ - (Boris Nad) - Sailing to Itaca MCD

TSIDMZ "Thulesehnsucht In Der Maschinenzeit"3" Mini CDr in jewel case, limited to 88 numbered copies.Info: This compilation with Texts by "Boris Nad", with exclusive and unreleased material, colaboration tracks with La Derniere Attaque & Sonnenkind, Stefania Domizia, Corazzata Valdemone and L'Effet C'Est Moi
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2.25 Days Of Gods
3.War Song Feat. La Derniere Attaque & Sonnenkind
4.Itaca (Live 07/09/2013) Feat. Stefania Domizia, Corazzatavaldemone And L'effet C