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"Le Jouet"


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Release: 2007
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Twinkle - Le Jouet CD

The first full length album of the french project is a unique blend of hard hitting ultra distorted rhytms/beats constructed to stir up every brain. Psychotic, twisted & tribal rhythmic noise is overlaeyd with unpretentious melodies and enriched with pushing vocals. Twinkle has established a style between contemporary industrial, experimental soundscapes and intelligent usage of metric varieties.
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1.La Mise En Rayon
2.L'Alteration Cinglante
3.Ton Style
4.La Victime Volontaire
5.Joue Avec Moi
6.L'Envers De La Vague
7.Les Voies Infectees
8.Le Joueur
9.Tu Es Perdu
10.La Peur De L'abime
11.Le Dernier Vivant
12.Le Spectre
13.L Auto-Dictee
14.La Boite A Musique
15.Les Poupees Capitonees