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"Serpent Column Portal"


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Release: 2009
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T.W.Z. - Serpent Column Portal CD

T.W.Z. was founded in 2003, spreading religious and mythical words and playing industrial/E.B.M. with ambient parts. The primary concept is Timewave Zero. Most of the songs discuss this subject but in overall the songs are not bound to a specific ideology, rather a category which can best be described as anti-humanistic.

On his second album via Advoxya records Richard aka T.W.Z. goes far beyond standard cliches and constructs his own music-sculptures via versatile sound design, combination of different influences and aggressive parts.

Club oriented tracks follow by heavy, mystic and dark melodies. This is without a doubt T.W.Z.s darkest, most energetic and danceable album ever. Experience 11 different tracks spanning dark atmospheres and various moods on a total of 50 minutes.
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2.The 5th Night, The 6th Day
3.Drown Them All
4.My Armour Is Contempt
6.Serpent Column Portal
8.In Lak`ech M.R.T
10.The Fates
11.9 Eb